Optional Tweaks

A number of tweaks have been added to the Fields of the Dead. More will be implemented as the mod is being developed.

1. Set XP cap to 400,000, or remove it.
FotD no longer changes the XP cap by default. You may now choose to raise it to the old value, or remove it completely.

2. Move Boo to an inventory slot.
Free up one of Minsc's quick slots. He will still not part with the furry rodent, of course.

3. Remove Edwin's amulet but keep the extra spells.
Edwin, being one of the Red Wizards of Thay, can memorize one extra spell per level beyond the bonus spells that specialists gain. BioWare chose to implement those extra spells via the amulet, but it is not strictly necessary to use an item, hence this tweak.

4. Make traps persistent until disarmed.
With this component, traps continue to trigger until they been disarmed.

5. Make traps and locks more difficult (+5%, +10%, +15%, or +20%).
For those who find that being a thief on the Sword Coast is too easy.

6. Disable movies.
Does what it says.